Our Mission
We develop and implement social projects to establish safe environments for children both within and outside the family. 

Children's capabilities may vary: they can be physically or socially handicapped; however, their rights are always equal.
Our Story
Olga Zhuravskaya, the president of "Zhuravlik" autonomous non-commercial charitable organization, has been working in charity for more than 15 years. Olga started volunteering for "Podari Zhizn" charity foundation since its very beginning. Then, following a promise given to Galina Chalikova, then-director of "Podari Zhizn", Olga had created the "Galchonok" charitable foundation to help children with central nervous system impairments.

In 2018, Olga had started "Zhuravlik", a new charitable organization. Its team comprises Olga's friends and collaborators who believe that a child's human dignity starts at birth. We believe in inalienable and essential dignity of any human being. We believe that the adults' responsibility is to respect and protect any child's dignity. We believe that we are these adults. Our desire to create a safe environment for the children has grown into our mission.
Our Team
Olga Zhuravskaya
President; driving force of the "TravliNet" and "Inclusive Capsule" initiatives
Maria Rupasova
Writer; visionary behind the "TravliNet" initiative
Maria Evdokimova
Chief financial officer
Irina pudovinnikova
Coordinator of the "Inclusive Capsule" program
Yana Timmerman
Social media marketing specialist, coordinator of the "TravliNet" program
Maria Svir
Head of the "TravliNet" program
Tatiana Khalevina
Chair of the board of trustees, volunteer coordinator
Anna Kopylova
Volunteer coordinator
Maria Zelenova
Yana Poletskaya
Volunteer coordinator
Our Experts
Marina Azimova - PhD in education and social work, certified behavioral analyst since 1996.
Elena Alshanska - head of the "Volunteers Aiding Orphaned Children" foundation.
Tatiana Krasnova - senior lecturer at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (faculty of journalism), founder of the "Envelope to God" charity movement.
Lyudmila Petranovskaya - psychologist, head of the Institute for Family Development (IRSU).
Ksenia Knorre-Dmitrieva - head of a media group, search and rescue team leader, prevention instructor for "Lisa Alert" search and rescue service.
Olga Kudinenko - founder of the "Tabletochki" foundation.
Mikhail Laskov - head of an oncology and hematology outpatient clinic.
Tatiana Konstantinova - director of the "So-Yedineniye" and "Fair Assistance" foundations for the deaf-blind.
Ekaterina Shulman - political scientist, professor at the Institute of Social Sciences of RANEPA.

+ 7 963 995 29 99

Our address:
111123, Moscow,
Highway of Enthusiasts,
d. 56, p. 26, of. 213.
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